About us

Mission: We are on an ambitious mission to democratize learning for product management and make it more communal and inclusive.

It all started with a single multiple Whys?
Why is learning product management still unstructured and fragmented. Why is there so much ambiguity associated with the role of a product manager? We have great platforms such as stackoverflow.com for developers, behance.net for UX, but nothing that sort of Product managers. Hmmm..Strange! Why existing online product learning is so didactic and does not incorporate other crucial aspects of learning – information sharing and peer-to-peer learning. The list just goes on …

These questions led us to think that while product management is well understood by a few it is a great challenge for many, especially for someone new to this field. What can we do to smoothen the initial learning curve of a PM? Wouldn’t it be great that with every passing day you are honing not just required hard skills but soft skills as well? Wouldn’t it be great to have something that ensures that you are as much confident in practicing product management as in learning it from books, online, your peers, or other sources?

To this purpose, we want to provide a holistic platform that is not only about the experiences of product managers but also of feedback other product stakeholders – Techies, UX, Business, etc. who are so important and have so much at stake with a product’s success. We want to ensure that learning product management for you is truly useful, fun, engaging, and continuous.