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The type of content we’re looking for
Our no.1 goal is to be the one-stop-shop to serve all your needs related to product management. You could be anyone – a product manager, a business manager, a techie, a designer, or a project manager, you contribute to a product’s success

Every topic we write has to be of interest to our readers and provide some direct value. If you believe that you can give us some content – article/post/resource, then you’re just the right person we’re looking for! We’ll be more than happy to have you as a community contributor.

Some fine details:

Sharing experiences, Tips, List posts, tutorials, quick how-to posts, etc. … they’re all good as long as they make the thing described above possible.
However, the content needs to be original. As in, never before published anywhere else. We really can’t emphasize this enough, your content cannot violate any copyright laws. For further queries, you can drop an email to productmanagerslive@gmail.com

Here are some of our posts (for inspiration):

  1. https://productmanagers.live/a-product-managers-ultimate-toolkit/
  2. https://productmanagers.live/your-career-path-in-product-management/

Writing requirements:

  1. Minimum 500+ words, please.
  2. Judicious use of Images. More the better!
  3. Practical tips and real examples bring in authenticity and creates an engaging read.
  4. Internal links to other content on our sites (that way we know you care).
  5. If an expression or piece of advice sounds obvious, delete it.
  6. Maintaining a structured presentation and consistent tone through out the article
  7. Good formatting – headings/subheadings/highlighting/color coding etc.
  8. You get to include a URL link to your website footer of the article in your Bio – just one such link. No keyword-optimized links allowed.

Good link: mywebsite.com
Bad link: Best design site
Note. We retain the copyright of every post published on our sites. If approved, you cannot republish your work elsewhere. However, you may reuse it as a reference for your future work.

Wait Period
We read and go through all submissions. If you send it, we’ll definitely read it! And you’ll get an answer too. However, It might take us 1-2 weeks before we get around to your submission. Please wait at least 3 weeks before resubmitting. So you might have to wait up to 1 month to get your work published. That being said, if we totally love your article, we might rush it through by next week! We also assume that you’ve thoroughly read the community rules and abide by it.

How to get your work published here?
Start by coming up with 2 to 3 headline ideas that you think could work well.
Tell us exactly how our readers will benefit from each of those posts.
Send your ideas via the form below (please don’t send us complete articles), along with 3-5 links to your previous work.
We will definitely take a look at them, reach back to you and let you know what’s next.